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Small conservation organizations face many of the same challenges, and run into many of the same questions. From volunteer management to board development, half the battle can simply be finding the right information. With this in mind, the Conservation Stewardship Collaborative and the Land and Water Partnership have collaborated to create this resource library of materials and links for conservation organizations in Rhode Island.

Items marked with a blue star are particularly recommended as the most useful sites or documents within a given category, usually because they provide thorough but general coverage of the topic.

The library includes documents in Microsoft Word format, so they are easily adaptable for your use, and in Adobe Acrobat format, in case you cannot open Word documents. There are also some documents in Microsoft Excel format and many links to websites with useful resource materials. To access the documents for a particular topic, click on the plus sign next to the heading, and then click on the Word, Excel, or PDF link to open the document in each format, or click on the "website" link to go to the website. Once you have opened a Word or Excel document, make sure to save it to your own computer if you want to edit it. Changes you make will be lost if you do not save a copy of the document to your own computer.

If you have suggestions or have documents you would like to contribute, please contact us!

  • General Land & Water Conservation
    • Courses, publications, digital library, resources on all aspects of land conservation, including stewardship. (website)

      Source: Land Trust Alliance

    • An online, public library, created and maintained by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with other conservation organizations. Conservation tools and techniques, stewardship information (website)

      Source: ConserveOnline

    • A network of resources that connects landowners to qualified professionals about real estate transactions, tax and estate planning, and regional land conservation activities - as well as local land trusts, nonprofit conservation organizations, and federal and state financing and technical assistance programs. (website)

      Source: The Private Landowner Network

    • Sharing Back Office at Small Nonprofits: A Case Study of Conservation Organizations in Rhode Island (PDF)

      Source: Rhode Island Land and Water Partnership

Resources made available at this website have been provided in the spirit of networking among our nonprofit organizations in an effort to inform each other of new developments, best practices and to generally spare each other from 'reinventing the wheel.' In some cases, links are provided to copyrighted websites. Please contact that website's organization for any use protected by copyright law. For original materials included on this website, we ask that you respect all copyrights. While you are welcome to share and adapt this material for noncommercial purposes, you must give credit to the author and any referenced sources. We welcome you to likewise share any materials that you develop with our partnership.

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