GOAL 1. Advocate for land conservation and land trust matters at the state level.
As the only statewide group dedicated to land conservation, we must push for consistent funding of land conservation and stewardship, promote smart conservation policy, and be the legislative watchdog for land trusts.

GOAL 2. Facilitate collaboration among land trusts
Land trusts will reach more people, conserve more land, and make a bigger impact to land conservation policy if they share resources, learn from each other, and work together.

GOAL 3. Position the Rhode Island Land Trust Council to lead in strengthening land trusts’ capacity for governance, effective land conservation, stewardship and community engagement.
Strong land trusts will work with landowners and local government officials to: protect priority properties and the special places in their communities; maintain sound stewardship for lands they protect; and engage community support for land conservation.

GOAL 4. Provide direct support to land trusts to reduce the backlog of deferred documentation and improve stewardship practices.
The land trust community will be more credible and less vulnerable when every land trust has good systems in place to monitor conserved properties and all land transactions and stewardship are consistently documented to best practice standards.

GOAL 5. Ensure the long-term protection of municipal conservation properties
Develop the state-wide legal framework that can be used to permanently protect municipal conservation properties and thereby defend land conservation accomplishments and maintain public trust in land conservation. This work builds on the state's establishment of safeguards for conservation easements and a no-net loss policy for state protected lands.

GOAL 6. Increase public awareness of and build public support and engagement for land conservation.
Greater public awareness and engagement will result in: stronger land trusts; greater public enjoyment and recognition of the benefits of land conservation; better stewardship; and increased public funding and advocacy for land conservation.  This will lead to more land being conserved.

GOAL 7. Strengthen the Rhode Island Land Trust Council’s capacity to operate and implement programs and activities as well as address new opportunities and urgent problems.
The Council's sustainability as an organization is essential to maintaining and expanding programs that support land trusts and land conservation in Rhode Island.

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