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The Rhode Island Land Trust Council is a coalition of the state’s land trusts - community-based organizations formed to protect land that preserves the open spaces, natural areas, scenic character, farm lands, forests, historic sites, watersheds, and drinking water supplies that define the character of our communities and our state. Collectively, land trusts are preserving the special places that are our heritage and will be our legacy for future generations.

Photo credit: David Thalmann, Aquidneck Land Trust

Land Trusts in Rhode Island are grass roots organizations that reflect the uniqueness and priorities of their communities. Rhode Island’s first land trusts were formed in 1972. Today there are over 45 land trusts in the state.

Only 7 Rhode Island land trusts have staff - the others are volunteer organizations. Dozens of people across the state volunteer 100's of hours to preserve and manage our communities' most valued open space lands.

RI Land Trust Council's 2015 Annual Report

Get outdoors! Visit ExploreRI for information on land trusts’ walking trails.

$35 Million Green Economy Bond - We Need Your Help!

Governor Raimondo’s budget proposes a $35 million Green Economy Bond referendum with funding for open space conservation, parks, bike paths, stormwater management, and brownfield cleanup. This bond continues 7 successful programs that improve Rhode Island’s communities and strengthen our economy.

The bond includes $4 million for the state’s Local Open Space Grants Program. This grant program has been essential to land trusts’ work protecting the special places in our communities for 30 years. The Rhode Island General Assembly removed funding for open space conservation from the 2014 bond referendum. Without this bond, the Local Open Space Grants Program will be without funding for the first time since it was started in 1985. The General Assembly needs to approve the bond referendum so that it can be considered by voters on the November ballot.

What can you do to help get this bond referendum on the ballot? Call and/or email your representatives in the Rhode Island General Assembly and ask them to support the Green Economy Bond. Tell them that it is important to you/your land trust/your community.

Bond funding for Local Open Space Grants is a good investment. State funds are critical “seed funding.” Each state $1 attracts 2-3 dollars in additional investments from local governments, federal programs, foundations, and private contributions. And... land conservation is a true investment - this is one of the few uses of state bond funding that does not depreciate ... it actually increases in value over time.

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